The Blue Tarp Group

Yes. We have lowered ourselves to being THE BLUE TARP BOATYARD PEOPLE. We put up the tarps to  
 a. Keep the sun off the deck and lower the inside temperature, and  
b. To be able to keep the hatches open when it rains, so we don’t melt inside in the closed-up boat.

I will be the first to say that living in the yard really sucks. I should know, just three months ago, we refloated after a six- week stay in a boatyard. However, I am trying to put this in a good light and since I have wanted to do a “top-ten” list on the blog, I figure there’s no better time than the present to combine the two. So here’s


10. I don’t have to worry about my anchor dragging.

9. My boat’s not sinking.

8. Barnacles are not attaching themselves to my bottom.

7. My batteries are charging.

6. Getting to shore doesn’t involve a wet dinghy ride.

5. I’m getting my stair stepping exercise every day.

 4. The marina/ yard has potlucks on Sundays.

3. I can ride my bike without the gymnastics of lowering it off the boat and into the dink.

 2. Doing laundry doesn’t involve a bucket or toilet plunger.

And the top reason being on the hard might be a good thing,

1. I haven’t had to call Towboat US because I’ve gone aground!