Part Six The aftermath

After the storm there were those who were not so fortunate.

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Part Five Slap my face, the backside is here

The last part of the hurricane is said to the worst. Strong winds that come on right after the calm of the eye. I found it to be the most tiring. And then it was over, and the boats began to leave early the next morning.

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Part Four The eye of the storm

The eye of a hurricane is supposed to be when one recharges their internal batteries
to do battle with the second part of the storm. In the boatyard we were all saving beloved boats.

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Part Three A different perspective

Still in the front part of the hurricane, we are now nearing eye time. We decided to check out the neighborhood around the boatyard a little bit.

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Part Two Before the eye

Still Friday morning, before the arrival of the eye. The water just keeps on coming in.

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Part One. Irene is here, time to get to work.

Irene has arrived, and we tumble off the boat early Saturday morning to greet her. Just like a woman guest to make more work for us (oops, did I type that out loud?)
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Hurricane Irene waiting for the storm

Friday night, waiting on Irene's arrival
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First in a continuing series of Hurricane Irene.
We are hauled out at SailCraft Boatyard in Oriental NC, and last we hear before losing power is that the eye will pass overhead mid day Saturday as a Cat1 hurricane.