She's a Morgan Classic 41, designed by Charlie Morgan. The Morgan company

was purchased by Catalina. Catalina built our boat in 1989. That makes her a

Morgalina! No, really, that is the nickname for the Catalina/ Morgans.

Journey is a sloop, with a fin keel, and draws 4'10". She will be

perfect for threading our way through skinny waters in the Fl. Keys and the


We have a number of upgrades we want to bestow upon her before we start

cruising, and you can find out about them as they happen in our "boat

projects" section.

I will start posting pictures of her interior as soon as I give her a few
Beauty Treatments, ha-ha. To give you an idea of her interior layout, she has

two cabins, one aft, one forward. Both cabins have their own head (bathroom)

with shower. The forward head can also be accessed from the main salon.

And what a salon! With a u-shaped dining area on the starboard side, and a

set of swiveling club chairs along the port side, it is wide open and airy.

There is a large u-shaped galley with tons of counter space and storage. Al has

a large engine room to work in. The center cockpit is large, yet secure and

with the full enclosure and summer bug screens, it functions as an extra living


Truly, we will be very comfortable on this boat, even after we fill her with

Journey before purchase