"Don't let the primer get wet.".... the primer's wet...

Naturally after we spent the greater part of the last 2 days prepping, taping sanding, and laying on a coat of primer, the rains came.
Now, as far as I can have heard tell, you can't let the primer get wet. It absorbs moisture, or something like that, and then when paint is put over it, that moisture is trapped underneath.
I'm sure all sorts of calamities follow.
It will end with the boat sinking.
If you don't already know this, in my mind,every boat problem results in the boat sinking. Oh it may not happen right off, but it is there, ever looming in the future that is fated because we screwed up somehow.
So now we have the dreaded "wet primer" and there's no telling how quickly we will succumb. I know we are currently on the hard, but one never knows.
Oh, Lordy, Al just said there's water at the bottom of the stepladder.
Wait, that's our moat.

Painting the day away

I put a first coat of primer on the boat today. We learned a few things.
I am not a good painter.
Al is a worse painter.
I'm going to try and get better before the final top coat. That's about three or four coats away.
Al is going to stay away from the paint. There is no hope for him.
In my defence, the boot-stripe coat looked better than the sheer that I applied first. I should have done the boot-stripe first.
Everyone expects your waterline to look like crap anyway.
Tomorrow I get to sand a lot of the mistakes off and try and be a better painter.
I had hoped to wash the mast and give it a coat of wax.
I was too busy with the primer.
I had hoped that Al would have washed the mast and gave it a coat of wax.
Tomorrow, maybe I will have time to wash the mast and give it a coat of wax.
I know I'll have time, my painting speed has improved.
That means that my coats look like crap faster.

Ode to Yellow

Ode to Yellow

To yellow paint upon my counter

The red is dead and it must go.

The prep is set

It must be followed

Wash, sand,wipe with solvent x2.

The fantasy is resplite

Reality is upon us.

I hang over eighteen feet

Of hard ground

Upside down and through the lifelines

My thoughts are few

“don’t fall”

“can’t work with broken bones”.

Al sands standing on the scaffold.

I have suddenly developed a phobia

Of heights.

I can’t go up, so I hang over the edge.

Yellow seems so far away….

Placate the Fan

So I have been asked to visually describe "pretty junky". always happy to oblige my fan (although I think there may be three fans,but I digress) Since this is a rare occasion indeed, it has stopped raining long enough for me to discover that the boat was landed in the middle of a depression on the ground. We are sitting on the hard, in our own private moat. Thanks, yard apes!
 Mentally evaluating the pros and cons of donning the sea boots to wash the topsides. Thinking it might be more of a clean the cockpit kinda day. No, you do not get to see the junky cockpit, as I am adding that pile momentarily to the junky interior.
Be warned..... these pictures may be disturbing to animals, small children and OCD cruisers.

And the rains came

Cooler weather and some torrential storms greeted us this morning. So instead of our plans to continue scrubbing the topsides in prep for the wax job, we are left floundering down below.
We can no longer move our little piles of crap from one side of the salon to the other to fool ourselves into thinking we are getting something done, we have too much stuff stacked up now that the mast is out and the table is resting on the salon seats. We still have our large jib also on the seats. Obviously, we aren't using our salon seats. Add to that mess, the cabinet housings and drawers we had to remove to access the wiring, and well, it is pretty junky looking down here right now.
Time for a road trip. We need to go to the post office to mail a letter, and who knows what other mischief we can find out there. It's for sure not much will be going on here.
Frankly I was surprised any of the yard apes showed up today at all. They were hiding out at the office earlier. They probably scattered as soon as the rain started. We are waiting on one particular ape to do the mast work. Naturally, he is on vacation right now. Maybe that's why it took a week to pull the mast....

Wired, not any more!

Last night we spent several hours chasing down, finding and then pulling wires in anticipation of today's mast pull event. At one point Al got overtired and began attacking some barely visible wood trim with a pry bar. Yikes! I stopped him, and together we figured out the most likely "removable" route that the wires had to go through. It involved removing 2 cabinets, six drawers, and part of a trim area (with screws... always look for the screws).
We discovered a good three hundred feet of wire, cable and rejects from previous projects on the boat over the years. It's all sitting on the sole of the salon, neatly coiled as I write this. I'll have to ask Al why, as I don't want it back in the boat for any reason. We worked well into the night, removing all these wires so that the way is clear for the mast to get pulled today. Al is making sure nothing is standing in the way of them doing that. Now we just need to see if they are going to. Hark, they are knocking on the hull now! Gotta go!