Painting the day away

I put a first coat of primer on the boat today. We learned a few things.
I am not a good painter.
Al is a worse painter.
I'm going to try and get better before the final top coat. That's about three or four coats away.
Al is going to stay away from the paint. There is no hope for him.
In my defence, the boot-stripe coat looked better than the sheer that I applied first. I should have done the boot-stripe first.
Everyone expects your waterline to look like crap anyway.
Tomorrow I get to sand a lot of the mistakes off and try and be a better painter.
I had hoped to wash the mast and give it a coat of wax.
I was too busy with the primer.
I had hoped that Al would have washed the mast and gave it a coat of wax.
Tomorrow, maybe I will have time to wash the mast and give it a coat of wax.
I know I'll have time, my painting speed has improved.
That means that my coats look like crap faster.

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