"Don't let the primer get wet.".... the primer's wet...

Naturally after we spent the greater part of the last 2 days prepping, taping sanding, and laying on a coat of primer, the rains came.
Now, as far as I can have heard tell, you can't let the primer get wet. It absorbs moisture, or something like that, and then when paint is put over it, that moisture is trapped underneath.
I'm sure all sorts of calamities follow.
It will end with the boat sinking.
If you don't already know this, in my mind,every boat problem results in the boat sinking. Oh it may not happen right off, but it is there, ever looming in the future that is fated because we screwed up somehow.
So now we have the dreaded "wet primer" and there's no telling how quickly we will succumb. I know we are currently on the hard, but one never knows.
Oh, Lordy, Al just said there's water at the bottom of the stepladder.
Wait, that's our moat.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are doing a bang up job. Come by and you can do BlueAyes. Ok maybe not.
Ill save that for a retirement project.
My running rigging is not in the mast so yes there are areas needing paint. Thats retirement project number 2.
Projects are backing up. Maybe I beed to retire now. Nope end of summer for sure. Need to rest first.
August is nice and hot. Maybe then moisture will be gone by then so you can paint??

Good luck
Steve & Deb

MJ said...

My gosh man! August?? How long do you think I can take this intheyard stuff? I just hope I can put the paint on so it doesn't look like a four year old did it. And let me tell you, retirement isn't everything it's cracked up to be! I'm retired. And look where it's gotten me - up a ladder in a boatyard, working from dawn to dusk. Obviously, I didn't think this through!