Tis' the season

We have been looking like a giant Easter Peep. You know,
those marshmallowy good pastel chicks and bunnies running in all colors of fake
Easter grass this time of year. By the way, our fake grass would be blue, since
we got the bottom paint on Journey yesterday.

We added a yellow tint to the primer for the sheer and
bootstripe to help cover up the burgundy, and boy, do we look seasonal. All
that is set to change today, as the top coats of sunflower yellow go on. We
have primed, sanded, primed, sanded, sanded, ran my bare hands over the results
and sanded some more.
Then I wimped-out.
Yes, dear fan(s), I hired a guy who
actually does this for a living and KNOWS what he is doing to lay on the topcoats.
I figured since I would be dingying up to that sheer and scrubbing around that
bootstripe on a regular, even daily basis for a long time to come, I didn’t
want to be regretting letting someone do it who very well could get the same
results as a kindergartener.
That would be me, in case you had other things on
your mind, or haven’t been paying attention. Yes folks, I’m still the same
person who varnished her interior to an amateur finish.
http://www.sailblogs.com/member/svjourney/?xjMsgID=91941   I’m
less than perfect (GASP!) and if this was on the inside, where I could secretly
kill those who dare criticize my result…. but no, this is on the outside, where
everyone can see, and there ain’t enough ocean to hide all those bodies.

Of course, as they say, the paint job is only as good as the
prep, and Al and I did all the prep, so in a way I guess it’s still our work.

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