Part Six The aftermath

After the storm there were those who were not so fortunate.

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Captain Craig said...

It's a Sad day!

Captain and Crew aboard

Anonymous said...

It is always a sad day to see boats in distress either through neglect or mother natures hand. If you could put down in words what people did right and want they did wrong would be great for all us to learn from.
If you didn't take the time and risk of checking the boats on the hard, adjusting the screw jacks etc, would there have been a different result?
Great videos and thank you for sharing them with all of us.
SV Rhapsody in Blue

Anonymous said...

Great video's we will have to save them to remember TRVLN's start Was great meeting you, the trip to new bern was smooth as glass no wind all the way but lots of sun. The atomic four ran the full way without a hiccup Smooth and quit

We hope your rudder gets done and you move on to the slip look for you on the water some where D&D