No Joy in the yard

We have abandoned Journey for the weekend.

The yard can't pull the stick until Monday, due to the rains and lack of work ethics. Apparently, working very much past noon is against some code of theirs. Instead of fretting over the situation (read: bitching and ragging to Al all weekend about something beyond my control)

We decided to bail, head to Wendell and camp out at our daughter's with her and our grandchildren. It helps that a second birthday party looms Saturday for Chad.

We spent a good part of the rainy Wednesday testing 12volt circuits around the boat. The Starboard side seems like it took a greater hit from the lightning. All the interior lights there are blown to smithereens. We have checked out the wiring and purchased new bulbs. Testing will resume Monday.

The water pumps, bilge pumps, shower sumps, and windlass seem fine. Radios are toast. I hope to salvage the remote VHS unit, as it was disconnected at the time and down below. I will try to re purpose it at the Nav station.

Al has removed the only stuck seacock and found a socket to tighten back into place - it's in a tight spot. Also he removed all the water strainers for me to clean and reinstall. This is so both of us know how and where they fit. The only one with a lot of eel grass was for the  rear air con unit. Of course, the air cons are reportably both blown from the strike.

A lot of stuff has been ordered, and I will keep a running list of all those things in "boat projects".

I have gotten my wifi antenna back from my grandson Caleb, and it should mean uninterrupted internet signals at the yard and the slip from now on. (yea!)

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