My ice cup runneth over

For the first time in my sailing life, I have refrigeration.  Smugly, I can say “I made a load of ice today.”
I can keep fresh milk and crisp veggies.
I no longer have to raise an eyebrow at the mayonnaise jar, as I wonder if it’s going to lay us down if I make a sandwich with it. I can now follow the recommendations to refrigerate after opening. No more scraping the mold off the top of the jam and hoping Al didn’t notice.
 My ice tea is COLD. Cold ice tea is very refreshing. Of course I do have some issues. I took the frozen vertical ice trays out of the freezer and stared at them this afternoon. How to get the ice out? First I tried the old standby, run it under water. Soon it loosened, and I had a big wad of ice encasing a plastic tray divider. Try as I might, this would not give up its treasure. I finally watered it down until I could get it to start breaking loose. Al stepped in to help, and soon we had a large bin of watery ice that is sure to re freeze into a mass that only an ice pick can separate. It’s a new bin, so I’m looking into other options. All advice will be welcome. It’s just that, with our history, I’m sure we are going about this all wrong. 
We went to the store tonight and I bought milk and fruit and broccoli. I remember feeling like this when I first moved out into my own place and had purchased my first fridge. I went to the store
and bought my first food that I had picked by myself. I brought it home and unpacked it. I only had money for soup, cheese and bread. I put the cheese in the fridge. It looked lonely. For the first six months or so, all I could afford was cheese. I had a full size fridge with a pack of American cheese in
Today I bought cheese. But I also bought other stuff to keep it company.


Steve and Deb said...

AAHH, The proverbial ice try the won't give up the contents. I have found a large hammer works well to separate ice from the tray. It is highly recommened to use metal trays when using this method. Our ice tray issue has been resolved since the 12v side does not work so it is a matter of making ice at the docks and then sail awhile till it melts enough to remove. Lately buying a bag of ice has worked well also.

S/V Veranda said...

Those vertical ice trays are like Somali pirates holding your cubes for ransom. Ditch them and go with the horizontal silicon ice trays. They come in various cube sizes and the ice pops right out on demand. We've got cubes the size of a child's hand. It is nice to have ice choices to make though, isn't it?

MJ said...

Will try those silicon ones. Have to get to a BB&Beyond I guess. Didn't know they came in silicone, but I know I've never been able to get anything to stick to my silicone bakeware, so thanks Bill!