Wow! We could actually go out sailing now! We have THE ZONE.

If Journey had wings, I could fly this thing!
Al has been working steady for the last week on getting all the instruments and wires connected and installed in what we will now refer to as "The Zone".
I was able to do little custom things, like constructing these cute little spacers to hide the wires as they traverse between the guard pole and the instrument pod. They were made out of the left over spacers in the guard kit in case your guard pipe is a different diameter. But.... they are the ones supplying us with said guard kit and spacers, so... don't they know what they're shipping to us? If you can figure that one out, you're better than me!
Here we see the wires exposed, large hole yelling"YO! Wasps/ Muddubers! Flophouse right in here!
Here we see the same area with spacer shown below at right, covering the holes.
spacer at left was artistically Dremeled into shape to fit snugly.

Close up of the technologically advanced design in use
 Of course it was all possible because of the heavy duty work that Al has done to get it to this stage. He had to build this whole thing from scratch. Speaking of that, we must see The Zone as it looks all new finished and shiny. I like shiny.

Kinda like piloting a 747. Well, maybe not, but it looks cool!
And of course I got to add my touch to the front of the pods as well. Notice the small instrument bottom right?
Our autopilot, Wolley (pronounced Wally)


S/V Veranda said...

Somewhere......captain James T. Kirk is salivating.

MJ said...

Beam me up!

s/v BlueAyes said...

Excellent. can you cook on it too?