And on the 33rd day, there was light.

The last two days have been a whirlwind of activity here at the Boatyard. The Seller dropped by for two days to help Al with the inverter hookup. Boy was that a needed thing. Al and I: two people one would never want to see handling major electrical "stuff". Add to that all these new expensive parts.... We are very thankful for Bud coming to help with this phase. He is knowledgeable about electricity and this boat.

Al's homework for the first evening after Bud left was to butt splice all the inverter wires and shorepower "out system". The next day they started in again and hooked it up for the first time. It didn't work. All of Al's wires were removed as they tried to trace down the problem. A GFI in the boat had tripped off. They would get the power to switch through and then BAM out it went. They traced it to a starboard side only power issue and started checking all the outlets. I suggested that the GFI in the master head (bath) may have thrown itself off again, and it was the issue. It must have been stressed by the lightning strike, and now we need to replace it. Poor Al, he did a great job on the wires, twice!

So last evening, after thirty-three days in the yard, we could turn on a light          and it worked!

We have had visitors!!! Bob H., David and Margaret from  River Rats stopped by to see us while they were in Washington. They have been sworn to secrecy, so don't thing you will get a glimmer of info from them, you will have to wait....

But, there's good news on that front, as it looks as though we will be a sailboat again very soon!
The new topping lift is being made today, and weather permitting, we may get our mast back in tomorrow.
Stay tuned.. it's a boat, so I may be all wrong.

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