Wax on, wax off, oh bother!

I say all the time we only make each mistake once.
Of course, with a sailboat, there are unlimited mistakes that can be made, so by my calculations (and I'm probably mistaken) we will never run out of things to screw up.
We were deciding whether to polish after compounding the topsides. Now for a little explanation, compound is a grit that is put on the sides of the hull, then using a power buffer, it is taken off, leaving a nice shine. There is no wax involved here, just a buff to get the shine.
We had done this and the sides were looking good. We were told by yardguy to just wax, so we did a small section (4ftX4ft) to make up our minds. We couldn't see a bit of difference after buffing off the polish, so we got to thinking we might just do better to do as yardguy said and start waxing.
I grabbed the wax, thinking we should do the transom and see what it looked like.
Al buffed it off with a new pad on the polisher.
It looked GOOD.
"let's keep going"
Now I can't say which one of us said that, I don't remember. I know we both got caught up in the spur of the moment "Gee, this looks fantastic - can't wait to see it ALL nice and shiny" thing that we had going on right then. We were equally guilty of the "run with scissors" syndrome right about then. Don't think- just do.
After about twelve feet of oohs and aaahhs we had to stop and move the scaffold. That's when the stupid of what we had just done hit me.
Looking up at the area we had just applied wax to: the area that was now a source of pride cause it was soooo shiny and wonderful; looking at the area where we had to apply our vinyl name graphic.
This area HAD to be clean and free of dirt, oil, and wax.
So know, dear readers, you will know why the extra step of using the de-waxer will be added to our work day tomorrow when we place, mark DE-WAX, then apply our name to our boat sides.

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