Survey says! we're not going anywhere!

Friday morning Al and I were up early for our insurance survey. The plan was simple, get a "short haul" (they keep you in the travelift slings) and relaunch for the rest of the survey after the surveyor had a look at the bottom.
Well, that was the plan. And it was going well, the surveyor found a small delamination on the rudder, told us we might want to address it when we did our next major haul, no worries. Then he examined the rudder shaft. And what he found was not pretty.
Crevice corrosion is when stainless steel gets deprived of oxygen and sets up steel-eating corrosion that works it's way out from the inside. We had it at both ends (top and bottom) of our rudder shaft. Which meant that the areas inside the rudder itself, where we can't even access because it's all covered in fiberglass, is much worse. So bad in fact, that any self-respecting insurance company would not let the boat be re-launched.
So guess where we are?
Sailcraft Boatyard is a first class operation, very professional, lots of eager and hardworking yard employees. And that's a very good thing, because we need a new rudder. Quick. And because we are going to be in their yard for a little while while they make it.
Of course we will help, got to do our part to keep the costs down, hurry the job along so the yard stay doesn't get too expensive, and because we need to learn a new skill.
I wonder if they will let me feed them lunch while they are still working? You know.." Take a bite, watch out, don't get mayo in the resin!"
Seriously, we are still waiting on the dreaded estimate, and this weekend has been a boat work bust, but we are hoping to be launched in 2 weeks. Any longer and we might have to (gasp) get jobs to pay the yard bill.


Ed said...

Al & Martha, I just sent a pallet full of good karma your way and I am betting that things will turn out good for you two!

MJ said...

Thanks Ed, Karma is good, a rudder would be better, but we'll take what we can get! LOL

The Ceol Mors said...

Ouch! Here's hoping they get your issues resolved quickly and without any additional surprises.

MJ said...

@ceol mors: thanks..we are hopeful also.