And the rains came

Cooler weather and some torrential storms greeted us this morning. So instead of our plans to continue scrubbing the topsides in prep for the wax job, we are left floundering down below.
We can no longer move our little piles of crap from one side of the salon to the other to fool ourselves into thinking we are getting something done, we have too much stuff stacked up now that the mast is out and the table is resting on the salon seats. We still have our large jib also on the seats. Obviously, we aren't using our salon seats. Add to that mess, the cabinet housings and drawers we had to remove to access the wiring, and well, it is pretty junky looking down here right now.
Time for a road trip. We need to go to the post office to mail a letter, and who knows what other mischief we can find out there. It's for sure not much will be going on here.
Frankly I was surprised any of the yard apes showed up today at all. They were hiding out at the office earlier. They probably scattered as soon as the rain started. We are waiting on one particular ape to do the mast work. Naturally, he is on vacation right now. Maybe that's why it took a week to pull the mast....

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S/V Veranda said...

When you say "pretty junky" I'm having trouble visualizing exactly what you mean. How about posting a few pictures of your vision of "pretty junky".

Just remember, ANY progress is still progress