Placate the Fan

So I have been asked to visually describe "pretty junky". always happy to oblige my fan (although I think there may be three fans,but I digress) Since this is a rare occasion indeed, it has stopped raining long enough for me to discover that the boat was landed in the middle of a depression on the ground. We are sitting on the hard, in our own private moat. Thanks, yard apes!
 Mentally evaluating the pros and cons of donning the sea boots to wash the topsides. Thinking it might be more of a clean the cockpit kinda day. No, you do not get to see the junky cockpit, as I am adding that pile momentarily to the junky interior.
Be warned..... these pictures may be disturbing to animals, small children and OCD cruisers.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Odd boat. The doors and everything are all curved. lol.


MJ said...