Wired, not any more!

Last night we spent several hours chasing down, finding and then pulling wires in anticipation of today's mast pull event. At one point Al got overtired and began attacking some barely visible wood trim with a pry bar. Yikes! I stopped him, and together we figured out the most likely "removable" route that the wires had to go through. It involved removing 2 cabinets, six drawers, and part of a trim area (with screws... always look for the screws).
We discovered a good three hundred feet of wire, cable and rejects from previous projects on the boat over the years. It's all sitting on the sole of the salon, neatly coiled as I write this. I'll have to ask Al why, as I don't want it back in the boat for any reason. We worked well into the night, removing all these wires so that the way is clear for the mast to get pulled today. Al is making sure nothing is standing in the way of them doing that. Now we just need to see if they are going to. Hark, they are knocking on the hull now! Gotta go!


S/V Veranda said...

May you be happily stickless by now.

MJ said...

Yes! It's lying on the ground and we have moved on to swabbing the decks and topsides. After some compounding and polish, it's on to Wax on, Wax off!